Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My name is Kathe Schaaf. Welcome to my blog. While I am new to the world of blogs, I understand the power of global connection and self-organizing patterns of communication.

I am one of the founding mothers of a global community called Gather the Women. You can visit our website at and you can discover your own place in this global matrix of women and women's organizations.

What is Gather the Women? She is a global community with the purpose to activate and make visible to incredible power of women's wisdom before it is too late on this planet. She is a living school of feminine leadership. She is the knowing that the time is now for the women of the world to come together to create the next planetary tipping point. She is an organic matrix of women and women's organizations, who discover together what might be possible. She is an impulse to remember the sweetness of the Divine Feminine in all spiritual paradigms. She is a sacred container.

If this makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, then maybe GTW has something to whisper in your ear.......


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Niah said...

Sounds like a wonderful and needed group.